Spice: How to hold the world in your hands.

Welcome to Spice. 

This is where I (Chef Keilen) will show you how to hold the whole world in your hands. What does that mean?

Every country has their own unique culinary history. I will be featuring each country in their own post and share a brief culinary history and a spice that is central to their cuisine. I will teach you how to use that spice, the favor profile, and share a recipe that is central to the culinary identity to that country [and maybe include some free flowing thoughts]. 

What is a spice?

The trusty site, Wikipedia, "defines spice as a seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance used primarily for flavoring, coloring or preserving food."

First, the term "plant substance" makes me feel uncomfortable. Second, for the purposes of this blog "spice" will be basically anything that enhances or is a backbone flavor of a dish. 

Also, to not show favoritism [I am not sponsored by any country], I will be writing the articles in alphabetical order. 

I will include links to where these spices can be ordered from. [maybe, again not sponsored, so maybe not, but also there is the almighty Google now...]